Paul Dail Defines Horror

What do you think of when you hear the word “horror”? Here’s a great post from Friday by horror author Paul D. Dail about defining the genre. Read the whole article by clicking the link or visiting Thanks for the insight, Paul!

Paul D. Dail

What’s news for horror writer Paul D. Dail?

I was pleased this last week to find out that my #luckyseven post & review of The Cabin in the Woods was picked up by The Nurture Your BOOKS Daily e-paper.  This is a fun electronic periodical that you can find by clicking here.

What does the future hold?

Next Friday, I’ll be posting a review of Jonathan D. Allen’s Corridors of the Dead.  Speaking of genres that I’m not necessarily sure I understand, Allen’s book is Urban Fantasy.  But perhaps what surprised me most was when I saw he was also working the “Lesbian Fiction” market at Amazon.

Curious?  I was.  Hope you’ll check back next Friday.

But without further ado…

This post will be my contribution to a series of posts started by TESSpecFic group mate Marie Loughin on the nature of “Horror.”

(TESSpecFic: The Emissaries of Strange Speculative…

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2 thoughts on “Paul Dail Defines Horror

  1. Thanks for reposting this. It’s something I’ve been batting around for awhile now. Kind of a tricky spot to be in, but I’m much more comfortable with the “horror” label these days. If we want to be part of the traditional publishing world, I don’t think we have a choice 🙂

    Saw that you were going to be at KillerCon. I’m hoping to be there myself. I just live about two and a half hours north of Las Vegas.

    Oh, and I read in your bio that you are taking a swing at short story publication. I would caution you on posting your stories on your blog. Many publishers won’t pick up a story that has been “previously published,” even if only on a blog.

    I ran into that problem when I was submitting to the Horror For Good anthology. Even though I almost doubled my story with material that wasn’t put on my blog, because I had put the original idea out, they wouldn’t accept it. Of course, they were also going for a Stoker, and I know that many publishers aren’t as strict.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

    • Thanks for stopping by, Paul. I always find it interesting when I tell people I write horror, and I get so many different reactions because of their different experiences with the genre. But, I agree that there is no other choice than to embrace the label.

      I appreciate the advice. I figure anything I post on the blog here is no longer up for publishing, and I am okay with that. I have a few stories in the works to try and sell, but this one just seemed like something fun to do for everyone here. And it has been. 🙂

      I’ll see you at KillerCon!


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