Horror and Marigolds

I’ve been busy this weekend. Finally got my first round of planting done. (I had to build an extra box, though; and, I happened upon a new dwarf grapefruit tree.) Garden looks nice, doesn’t it? I’ll have plenty to share once it fills in.IMG_1085 IMG_1086



My first attempt at canning chili was a success. I canned four pints in the pressure canner (one seal didn’t take, but I have no qualms with chowing down on it sooner rather than later).IMG_1088

And… I wrote! Unfortunately, what I thought would be a short, short story is turning out much longer than I planned. But hey, my characters will tell me when their story is done. I feel good about it, though. It’s a small departure from what I’m used to; not straight horror, but definitely dark-fantasy with scattered humor. I’m supposed to have it done by tomorrow night for critique, so I’m hoping to find time tonight or tomorrow to finish it up.

Are there any cool projects, writing or otherwise, that anyone is working on? I’d love to hear about them.


M. R. C.

Off to a Great Season

So, I made more applesauce this weekend. Feel like I’m finally down to the last of my apples. Why do I keep buying them forty pounds at a time?

Pickling will have to wait, because I just stumbled upon a 25-pound box of Roma tomatoes from Bountiful Baskets. Going through some recipes now for sauces and such. Any suggestions, friends?IMG_1079

Anyway, the gardening season is under way here in beautiful Las Vegas. To prepare, I tore up all of my old planters and built some new ones. This year, I will be attempting the Square Foot Gardening method. After I add a long row of boxes for vine vegetables along the back wall, I will be ready for planting. IMG_1077IMG_1078

Yeah, I know I should be writing…Let’s hope I can get some done this week.


M. R. C.


Given the amount of time it has taken me to get back to the blog and decide where to go from here, I have officially given it a new name: The Procrastinating Writer. Fitting, huh? I thought so.

With the new name will come new content. Instead of searching for what to write about and stressing over making timely blog posts about writing (of which there hasn’t been much lately), I decided this would be a good place to show you what I’ve actually been up to.

Friends, here it is:IMG_1076It doesn’t look like much now, but at one time this stash was three times the size. That’s right, I’m preserving foods. Go ahead and laugh at my Martha Stewart-like skills, but when zombies chase you from your homes, don’t come here looking for my sweet, sweet applesauce and jams.

Next up: pickling.

Anyone have any good tips?



M. R. C.